Veraahdy has acquired a reputation for helping Australians to reduce their electricity usage by providing solutions for their hot water needs.

Whether it be for homeowners in country towns such as Parkes, Tamworth, Armidale, Longreach, Roma, Kurrajong, Lithgow or Bathurst or in the cities around Australia, Veraahdy is dedicated to providing highly efficient heat pump technology to all Australians.

Our team is focused on making the transition to highly efficient heat pump systems as easy as possible - from arranging the installation, education on simple routine maintenance steps or fast after sales service, we want you to have a happy and trouble free experience with your system.

We can also arrange interest free finance for your system on a schedule you can easily afford.

We only recommend the highest quality hot water heat pump systems and our highly trained skilled advisors and engineering consultants can help you determine which heat pump solution best fits your home or commercial needs at a budget you can afford.

Over the years, the growing interest in technologies which reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is in direct response to higher power bills.

Although hot water heat pump systems have been in broad use for decades in Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, the cheap coal fired electricity in Australia plus the realization that energy usage per person in Australia is the highest greenhouse gas polluting in the world - has meant that hot water heat pumps are more and more the chosen preferred energy efficient hot water system, even, in some cases, if natural gas is available.

Especially for households with 3 or more persons – heat pump hot water is generally the lowest cost per litre of hot water over the life of the system even compared with natural gas.

Veraahdy is proudly Australian, and is helping a growing number of Australians to take advantage of this wonderful technology.

Call us today, it's a small investment  that will deliver tremendous benefits.

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