Quantum Heat Pump
Dependable with Low Running Costs

The Quantum Heat Pump range are delivering savings of up to 75% on the running cost of a hot water system, it's no wonder that they have been chosen by BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, McDonald's, Hungry Jacks and Mercure Hotels for their hot water needs in the commercial arena, and thousands of homeowners across Australia from Broome in Western Australia to Hobart in Tasmania.

Quantum have been developing heat pump technology for many decades and are now part of an Australian listed public company.Quantum systems have been used for over 30 years to provide hot water for domestic, commercial, industrial, swimming pool and space heating purposes.

Manufactured by the leading innovator in the industry, this revolutionary piece of technology is being adopted by more and more homes and businesses everywhere around Australia!

Since the original patents were granted to the University of Melbourne in the 1970's, ongoing research and development has resulted in improved efficiency, quiet operation and worry free dependability making Quantum a world leader in the industry.

The Quantum heat pump water heater has the quickest hot water recovery for its size, utilizing Quantum's proven and patented technologies.

Quantum have a range of residential heat pumps and also a light commercial product range. Both take advantage of the patented Tank Wrap Technology which has proven to be highly efficient in transferring the abundance heat energy contained in the air to the water inside the highly insulated water storage tank. More about heat pump efficiency here

For example, up to 3,500 litres of low cost per litre hot water can be produced in a day by Quantum heat pump system which is top of the line performance

There are a variety of integrated heat pumps and split system heat pumps   within the Quantum range - there is a heat pump for small or large families and heavy commercial users.

Heat pumps are easy to install compared with solar collector hot water systems as there are no roof panels required. They our almost identical to an electric hot water heater, so if you have an existing electric hot water heater simply remove it and replace it with the Quantum.

A heat pump is just as easy to install as instantaneous gas or gas storage hot water heaters too. Installation for residential homes can be expertly completed in less than an hour.

Here is a list of the domestic models Veraahdy recommend:

Quantum Commercial Hot Water Systems

For commercial premises, our highly qualified engineering team can design and install a system which will deliver low-cost per litre hot water consistently for resorts, nursing homes, retirement villages, hotels, hospitals, industrial and retail applications. Here is a list of the commercial models Veraahdy Heat Pumps recommend:

  • Quantum Model 1020-17ACW-134 - 945 litre storage
  • Quantum Model 340-TiH-134 - Titan Split System
  • Quantum Model 340-17ACW-134 - single or manifold (as shown in the picture below)

The warranty available is 5 years on the tank and 2 years on the refrigeration and electrical circuits. An extendable warranty of up to 4 years may also available on commercial models.

Veraahdy Heat Pump Hot Water Systems can offer finance – no interest ever  to approved purchasers, and as a special offer all specialist plumbing fittings are included in the package for free – a saving of over $450 plus free delivery Australia wide. 

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