Quantum 340-17ACW-134
Ideal for Extra Large Households of 7 or more

The Quantum 340-17ACW-134 heat pump is what you need if you have 7 or more people in your house and never want to run out of hot water.

Although designed for commercial use, in an extra large household with large demands for hot water, the Quantum 340-17ACW-134 model is highly recommended. With its high performance compressor and big 315 L storage capacity, this Quantum heat pump will dependably provide all your hot water needs at the lowest cost per litre of any hot water system.

And the fastest hot water production rate of any heat pump we know at 134 L per hour with a coefficient of performance of 374%.

This high-performance model delivers low-cost hot water all year round. As it is originally designed as a commercial heat pump, it operates at a higher audible level than residential heat pumps, so you should be careful to locate the unit away from bedroom windows and neighbours. At 58 decibels it sounds like a large air conditioner.

This heat pump is also available as a split system where the water tank can be located up to 9 m away from the fan and evaporator unit giving extra flexibility as to where the water tank and heat pump unit can be located.

Why are Heat Pumps so efficient?

One kilowatt used to compress the refrigerant inside the system produces three to five kilowatts of heat in your water heater. It is so much more efficient than an electric system because electricity is only used to operate the pump to move the heat; it is not used to create the heat. 

Why do Heat Pumps work in freezing conditions?

In the case of heat pumps, "heat" is a relative term, as they will still work in very cold conditions because the liquid refrigerant in the evaporator boils at -26 degrees C and is always able to absorb heat from the air even if the ambient temperature is -10 degrees C - so it will still be generating hot water for you in all seasons and weather conditions - particularly during those cold winter nights when you need your hot water the most.

Easy Changeover and Quick Installation

A heat pump hot water system can be easily installed by swapping over your existing electric hot water service. There are no special electrical sockets to be installed, and an installation can be expertly undertaken in an hour or less.

No Panels on the Roof

Unlike solar hot water systems with evacuated tubes or flat panel heaters or collectors, a heat pump hot water service needs nothing on your roof, and works effortlessly night-time or day time 365 days a year.

Government Incentives Lower the Purchase Price

The Clean Energy Regulator has set the Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC's) for this model at 28 for both the zone 4 and zone 5 climate areas. This means the Quantum 340 is highly suitable for cold climates.

The large number of STC's also means you can receive ( if eligible) the largest upfront cash discounts by assigning your STC's to Veraahdy Hot Water Heat Pump Systems when you purchase this model.

You can lock in years of low cost hot water for your family today by purchasing the Quantum 340-11AC4-134 for as little as $51 a week on no interest ever finance.

So call Veraahdy Hot Water Heat Pump Systems today and like thousands of other Australian be enjoying years of trouble-free low-cost hot water.

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