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Are you wanting to compare hot water heat pumps with other forms of water heaters like electric, solar or gas systems?  

Has your old hot water system just expired or you are wanting to reduce your power bills by installing a more energy efficient hot water system?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Companies such as McDonald's, BHP Biliton, Woolworths, Rio Tinto and Hungry Jacks have chosen heat pumps to provide for their hot water needs, as have tens of thousands of householders across Australia since the 1970's after patents were granted to the University of Melbourne.

veraahdy heat pumps provide dependable hot water for your family

Veraahdy are specialists in residential and commercial heat pump hot water systems. Veraahdy has over 6 years experience in providing these systems to both domestic and commercial clients in Australia, so we know how efficient these hot water systems truly are. Find out for yourself. Read on...

Do The Comparison

We know that installing a new hot water system is a big investment, so you want to get it right!

The best way for you to make an informed decision is to gain a bit more knowledge about:

  • the different systems that are available,
  • the upfront costs of the unit and installation
  • the running costs and efficiency of each of the systems
  • government incentives - you might qualify for cash discounts

Are Heat Pumps Solar or Electric Hot Water Units?

So do they qualify as electric or solar hot water systems?

Well actually they are both!

They are the most efficient electric hot water system that you can use, but they also count as being solar as they draw the heat from the air and use it to heat your water.  

More about how they work…

It is the unique way that these systems work, and how they are different to other hot water systems, that gives them the ability to provide remarkable savings on your electricity, which reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

They give you high performance at all times of year, day and night.

When you are comparing a hot water pump system with a solar hot water system, there are upfront cost savings, but also greater flexibility in terms of placement and overall efficiency, which we will explain in more detail...

Different Types of Hot Water Pump

Depending on where you live in Australia (in terms of local climate conditions) and what your precise needs are, there are various types of hot water pump systems available.

  • Integrated Systems - all in one
  • Split System - the pump unit and water tank are separated
Contact Veraahdy today on 1800 420 600, if you are considering a hot water unit and would like assistance in selecting and sizing your new system. We can also assist you with available government rebates that you are eligible for in your state or territory.

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