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If you are reviewing hot water heating systems in preparation for the day when your hot water service expires, or if just has and you need to make a quick decision, you can compare the available options to decide what’s right for your household right here.

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New Hot Water Systems - Higher Efficiencies and Lower Costs

The easiest route when replacing your old hot water system might seem to simply find a comparable model to what you currently have.

The Australian government is taking greenhouse gas emissions seriously, so much so, that conventional electric hot water systems have been outlawed in any new home or when replacing a hot water system in an existing dwelling.

Government Information on Hot Water Systems

What if you could find a system that ran much more efficiently than your current hot water system and thus was able to save you money and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions?

Your hot water can be a large contributor to your energy bills, often between a quarter and third, depending on the system that you have, so let’s take a look at the different systems to see both what is available to you, and what best suits your needs.

Types of Hot Water Heating Systems

There are two different types of systems-  instantaneous and storage.

Instantaneous systems, also known as tankless systems, provide instant hot water, and are generally better suited to smaller external spaces, as they take up less room than storage heating systems. Instantaneous systems can be serviced by gas or electricity and are suitable where constant hot water is required. They can be suited to smaller households where they are more efficient for the reduced water usage.

An estimated 50% of homes in Australia run on electric storage hot water and this is where the greatest savings can be found because of the inefficiency of many older model electric hot water systems.

See the energy and cost comparison below between electric hot water and more efficient systems below.

hot water heating systems comparison chart

By choosing a solar or heat pump system you will be eligible for government incentives, known as Small Technology Certificates (STCs). The amount you can receive varies depending on your location and how much greenhouse gas your new system saves.

Without getting too technical, heat pumps have a primary difference to other systems, which is where they are able to save on energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. More about how heat pumps work..

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