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Heat Pump Prices Special Offers

Heat Pump Prices - Special Package Offers which will save you thousands of dollars. Find out more here

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Veraahdy Heat Pumps

Need to replace your hot water system? Heat pumps are highly efficient hot water heaters using solar energy from the air to heat your water. Call Veraahdy

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Heat Pump Price Specials

Our heat pump price specials make the change to energy efficient hot water easy. See for yourself...

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Quantum Heat Pump

Quantum Heat Pump range have reliable technology and features making them highly efficient and great value

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Quantum 340-17ACW-134

The Quantum 340-17ACW-134 model for extra large households and small commercial premises. Find out more here

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Quantum 340-11AC4-134

The Quantum 340-11AC4-134 is the heat pump you need if you have a larger family. Find out why here...

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Quantum commercial hot water systems

Quantum commercial hot water systems are used by BHP, McDonalds, Rio Tinto and Mercure resorts. Find out why

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Quantum 270-11AC4-134

The Quantum 270-11AC4-134 is now even quieter than the previous model, but still as dependable as ever - a favourite of ours

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Quantum 200-08ACW-134

The Quantum 200-08ACW-134 is a new favourite with our customers. It's reliable, very efficient and affordable. Find out more here

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Quantum 150-08ACW-134

The Quantum 150-08ACW-134 is the lowest cost to run of all the Quantum Heat Pumps and a good choice for small households

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Quantum Heat Pump FAQs

Quantum heat pump technology was first patented by the University of Melbourne in the 1970s. Another great Australian invention

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Our heat pump helps us do our bit for the environment

Hi, we just see having a heat pump installed not only reduces our energy bill, but cuts down on use of polluting energy by harnessing free solar heat.

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Our heat pump helps us do our bit for the environment"

Ground Source Heat Pump Systems

Ground source heat pump systems are not common in Australia however they do have their place. Find out more here…

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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from outside air and transfer it to water in a storage tank.

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What is a Heat Pump?

So what is a heat pump and how does it compare to other types of hot water system?

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