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Heat pump prices will vary depending on which model best suits your requirements after considering factors such as:

    •    how many people in your home
    •    the times of day most hot water is used
    •    your climate zone
    •    the proximity of neighbours
    •    most suitable installation location
    •    upfront purchase or interest free finance
    •    if you qualify for Federal and/or State Gov't rebates or STC’s

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Speak with a Veraahdy Heat Pump Advisor today to get your questions answered about heat pump pricing and sizing plus the current discount you may be entitled to if your system qualifies for STC’s.

Why Choose a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is like an energy multiplier - from 0.98 KW of energy input it can create over 3.8KW of heat output.

That’s a Performance Efficiency of close to 400%

These highly efficient heat pump hot water systems qualify to generate Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC's) under the Federal Government RET Scheme and therefore Australian consumers can use these to reduce the point-of-sale price of their heat pump when replacing an existing hot water system or building a new home.

Heat pumps can help you to reduce your energy usage thereby reducing your greenhouse emissions. A heat pump system is comparable to a solar panel hot water system and in many cases can be a better alternative for hot water.

Benefits of hot water heat pumps:

  • Work on drawing heat from the air (not direct sunshine) so they work on cloudy days, rainy days and at night
  • No roof mounting or roof reinforcement required
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low electricity needs – save you money and greenhouse emissions

More about how heat pumps work to save you electricity.

They can be a better option than a solar panel system in areas where there is limited roof space, limited sunshine or restricted access to sunshine on a specific site due to trees, buildings or a roof that faces away from north.

When comparing heat pump prices with those of solar panel systems you will also need to take into account the expected running efficiency of each system in your location and any additional costs (like when a solar system requires boosting)

These cost should all be considered when making a purchase:

  • Installation costs
  • Upfront cost of the unit
  • Life expectancy of each unit
  • Maintenance and/or cleaning costs
  • Is interest free finance available?

Don't wait any longer to replace an inefficient hot water system which is costing more and more each electricity bill. Don't delay - the Government has been known to cancel cash incentive programs like STC's overnight.

Don't risk losing thousands of dollars in discount.

Call now. You'll be glad you did.

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