Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters

Heat pump hot water heaters can be even more efficient than instantaneous gas, on roof solar hot water systems and electric elements based storage hot water systems.

Especially for families with 3 or more people, perhaps families with teenagers or anyone in the home who enjoy long hot showers.

Sometimes we forget how often we use hot water in our daily lives for so many different things.

Hot water is used:

  • in our dishwashers and washing machines
  • in showering our families, bathing the kids
  • to immersed tomatoes in to remove their skins 
  • or defrost something from the freezer 
  • or defrost the freezer in the fridge itself.
  • for hot water bottles to warm our beds 
  • to soothe aches and pains with the water bottle
  • a relaxing hot bath at the end of a hard day
  • or a romantic spa with the significant other 
  • or just soaking the feet after a long walk
  • for the numerous cleaning tasks around the home and garage
  • to loosen stubborn lids on jars, to remove labels from them too

Count them up yourself and you'll be amazed how useful hot water is!

With a hot water being so important to our lifestyle, we want a water heater which is reliable, dependable, efficient and costs as little as possible to run.

Heat pump hot water heaters meet these requirements, and have proven themselves over the last 40 years in Australia. And the technology is improving all the time making them even better. For example, the rate at which they reheat the water after heavy usage as improved markedly since the 1970s when they were first invented.

They are much more environmentally friendly, for now the refrigerants used in the heat pump units are non-ozone depleting and more greenhouse friendly. For example CO2, is also used as refrigerant which significantly is more greenhouse friendly than the more common R144 refrigerants.

Improvements are being made all the time. Here is another example. Much improved insulation in the water storage tanks which means that your water stays hot for longer because less heat escapes from the tank than tanks from 40 years ago.

The heat pump components are controlled by smart logic systems which maximise the heat pumps operation based on the ambient air temperature outside and the inlet water temperature entering the storage tank.

All these improvements over years of development mean that heat pump systems of today will deliver you worry free operation over decades.

Heat pumps, (which you may not have heard of, but were developed and patented by the University of Melbourne in the 1970’s) also use solar energy, but from the air, rather than direct sunlight, and in many ways are comparable to solar heating systems, even surpassing them in some instances.

More on how solar heat pumps use minimal electricity and can reduce your electricity bills and greenhouse gas emissions…

Solar hot water systems and heat pumps are more expensive to install in comparison to natural gas so it is worth taking the time to weigh up all of your options to decide exactly which system is best to suited to your needs, your budget and the climate you live in. In areas where natural gas is not available, or where a gas connection to the house is not trenched to your home already - which can add thousands  to the upfront cost of a gas system - a hot water heat pump system is usually better value and less maintenance than a solar collector hot water system.

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