Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water systems are still common in Australia, with an estimated 50% of homes run on electric storage hot water,  but they are gradually being phased out as Australia works towards lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Traditional electric water storage systems provide reliable hot water but they come at a high cost, both to your wallet and to the environment.

electric hot water

In the past they have been convenient for home owners because they are

  • Cheap to install
  • Heat water quickly
  • Can be run at off peak tariffs
  • Are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation

Unfortunately the systems are highly inefficient in their use of electricity, and as Australia strives towards becoming a society that is less reliant on high greenhouse gas emitting coal fired electricity, more environmentally friendly options are now available and recommended.

Electric water heaters are the cheapest to install but have much higher running costs than any of other systems that are available – gas, heat pump, or solar. See this comparison chart.

As a comparison, a heat pump uses minimal electricity to operate – about 1000 watts (or ten 100 watt light bulbs) – as electricity is only required to run the compressor and a fan - not to heat the water directly.

electric element

Compare this with an electrical hot water unit with electric elements used to heat the water directly. They consume around 4500 watts of electricity - that’s forty-five 100 watt light bulbs.

Considering a New System

If you have an existing electric water heater and are considering replacing it, then you may find that there are restrictions on purchasing a new electric hot water system as the Government has passed regulations against high electricity consuming units in order to help us reduce our country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The new Australian Government regulations favour the installation of more efficient gas, solar or heat pump systems, and many can be purchased right now with a Government incentive which means that you may qualify for a large upfront cash discount on a new system.

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