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Do you need a dependable Quantum commercial hot water system?

Well if you want a highly efficient hot water service with very low running costs, inexpensive maintenance and a short payback time the answer is yes!

For Quantum commercial hot water systems, our highly qualified engineering team can design and install a system which will deliver lowest-cost per litre hot water consistently for resorts, nursing homes, retirement villages, hotels, hospitals, industrial and retail applications. 

Here is a list of the commercial models we recommend:

  • Quantum Model 1020-17ACW-134 - 945 litre storage
  • Quantum Model 340-TiH-134 - Titan Split System
  • Quantum Model 340-17ACW-134 - single or manifold (as shown in the picture below)

What are your hot water requirements?

Depending upon your requirements a commercial system can be designed to meet all your hot water needs. As a guide, a comparison of three Quantum light commercial hot water systems is shown below based on volumes of hot water produced over a 6 hour period. 

Is your hot water drawn down intensively or steadily during the day?

Depending on the answer to that question we can provide the right system for your situation, and best suited to your location's climate.

Quantum heat pumps are renowned for fast reheating rates.

You will note the differences between the manifold system and the 1020 system, which both have the same capacity of 945 L, but the hot water production rates significantly vary.

This is because the 1020 system has one heat pump unit and 3 storage tanks, whereas the increased production from the manifold unit derives from 3 split or integrated heat pump units manifolded together giving the same overall hot water storage volume.

Below is a comparison between the three Quantum light commercial water heating systems based upon litres of hot water produced in the 1st hour of reheating after a major draw down. As you can see, a system can be tailored to your commercial hot water needs.

The cheapest hot water cost per litre available

As you can tell for volumious hot water production, heat pumps are second to none - significantly cheaper than gas or electric systems.

Although the cost of producing hot water will vary with the ambient air temperature and humidity levels, based on the standard tests at 20°C and 60% relative humidity and an electricity price of 22c a kilowatt the table below gives an indication of the cost of producing 1000 L of hot water.

This is why BHP, Rio Tinto, Mercure and other major hotels, apartment buildings, resorts, nursing homes, retirement villages, fast food restaurants and thousands of householders around the world have chosen heat pump technology to provide low-cost, low environmental impact hot water heating.

Here are are a few case studies which you can review (links open in a new window):

Raffles Hotel Singapore

Horton Park Apartments

Club Med Lindeman Island

Mercure Hotels

Give Veraahdy Hot Water Heat Pump Systems a call and get your questions answered today about how your commercial hot water needs can be met by a Quantum commercial hot water system.

Your business will be able to cut your running costs by up to 75% while helping the environment by reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

We look forward to your call...

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