Quantum 340-11AC4-134
Great for Large Households

The Quantum 340-11AC4-134 is the latest and very quiet domestic version of the popular commercial Titan 340 compact heat pump. The difference is that the commercial model has a larger compressor unit and is 5 decibel's more audible. This new domestic version is the quietest Quantum heat pump ever.

The Quantum 340-11AC4-134 is for larger households of 4 to 6 people. It has a large 315 L water storage tank and a fast hot water replenishment rate of 77 L an hour.

It is a big energy saver too. It operates on less than 1 kW per hour of electricity and truly first-class energy efficiency of 388% coefficient of performance at 20°C.

This means that it is producing nearly 4 times as much heat energy than it is consuming in electricity. That's why Quantum heat pumps are so energy-efficient. They take the abundant heat stored in the outside air, and with very little electricity drawn by the fan and compressor, transfer that heat into the hot water tank. Wonderful technology.

You can see from the table below how the Compact 340 (far right) delivers high volumes of hot water at a very low cost of around $2.80 per thousand litres, And it will do this daytime night-time winter time or summer.

It should be noted that on very cold days, the fan and compressor will run a little longer to extract sufficient heat from the outside air to heat your hot water to 60°C. If you are using large volumes of hot water in a very short period first thing in the morning, you could temporarily run out of hot water however, with the large 315 litre tank and the rapid hot water production rate of 77 L per hour, it would be very rare that you would run out of hot water for long. If you have a extra large family we would recommend the Quantum Titan 340L which has a larger compressor and more rapid reheating ability.

The Clean Energy Regulator has set the Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC's) for this model at 28 for both the zone 4 and zone 5 climate areas. This means the Quantum 340 is highly suitable for cold climates.

The large number of STC's also means you can receive ( if eligible) the largest upfront cash discounts by assigning your STC's to Veraahdy Hot Water Heat Pump Systems when you purchase this model.

You can lock in years of low cost hot water for your family today by purchasing the Quantum 340-11AC4-134 for as little as $51 a week on no interest ever finance.

So call Veraahdy Hot Water Heat Pump Systems today and like thousands of other Australian be enjoying years of trouble-free low-cost hot water.

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