Quantum 200-08ACW-134
A Quantum Heat Pump Ideal for Small Households

The Quantum 200-08ACW-134 also has the lowest running cost of any Quantum heat pump drawing only 0.66 kW of power and only differs from the 150-08ACW-134 model in that it has a 50 litre larger water storage tank and stands 33 cm taller.

It also runs on the 16.55cc compressor which means very low electricity usage from this very compact unit which is just 195 cm high.

The Quantum 200-08ACW-134  has a hot water production rate of 53 litres an hour to replenish the 175 litre storage - more than ample for a small household of 1-2 people who have friends over occasionally and might need a little extra hot water periodically.

Australian Quantum Heat Pumps come with a 5 year warranty on the fully insulated water tank and 2 years on the integrated unit. The water storage tank features Quantum's TankWrap patented water heating system which eliminates potential contamination of the stored water by the liquid refrigerant, as the coil is not immersed in the water unlike most other heat pumps on the market today, and also gives remarkable heat transfer performance to this hot water heater.

Because this model functions on so little electricity, it's Co-efficient of Performance of 376% is the highest in its class. It produces 3.67 times as much heat as it consumes in electricity as it transfers the abundant heat in the air to the water tank, rather than directly heating the water with an element or a flame.

No booster element is required unlike many other heat pump units, so whatever the weather your power bills will stay low.

If you have modest hot water needs, this is an ideal choice for a transportable or manufactured home in a retirement village, your home townhouse, unit or detached dwelling.

This environmentally friendly hot water system also qualifies for generous Government cash incentives by way of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC's) which means you can receive significant point of sale cash discounts off the retail price which can save you even more money.

Also, the Quantum 200L can be purchased on a small deposit and no interest ever finance - and pensioners are welcome.

Call us today, and save on this reliable, low running cost hot water heat pump system.

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